Melodischer Akustik-Pop mit elektronischen Elementen und einem Hauch Melancholie. Dafür steht A.VJU, ein Wortspiel aus A für Anna und VJU für “View”. Mit ihrer gefühlvollen Stimme und purem Gitarrensound zieht die Singer-Songwriterin das Publikum bei Livekonzerten regelmäßig in ihren Bann.



A.VJU alias. Anna Lachhammer is a singer-songwriter currently based in Mannheim, Germany. After she had classical vocal education since she was 12, she recognized her love for the genre of pop music. At this time, she performed at school concerts and at various events with a pianist. A few years later, Anna began teaching herself playing the guitar. That was the go-head moment for her solo performances, which firstly took place at a spontaneous gig in an English pub.  During a semester abroad in Spain, A.VJU wrote her first songs with guitar arrangements. There she also performed at a restaurant opening. Back in her native town Regensburg, Anna played various shows in bars, at events and festivals until she released her first acoustic EP “Rivals” in 2018. Through Performing and continuing writing more songs she developed her style, which originates from a mix between acoustic arrangements and her passion for the electropop genre. Her song structures also focus on her unique voice, which is exceptional clear, expressive and full of different facets. At the end of 2018 her single “Black & White” was released which got introduced by of one of the biggest Bavarian radio stations, Bayern 3. In that connection “Black & White” got added to the radios evening program and convinced with a modern electronic arrangement and one recurring element: the guitar. With her next single “Empty Shell” A.VJU remains true to her style and creates a contemplative but also magical atmosphere with a touch of melancholy through mystic synthesizer and bass tones. It’s a song about leaving a city after a long time, everything looks the same but the vibes and the spirit are different. A story of night shades and a sea of lights.